M & H Finland’s Hydraulic System includes the design and supply of valve manifolds based on consumers and functions on board as provided by the customer.

Our area of expertise is in high pressure systems which lower the overall weight of the Hydraulic Systems. We have developed a 350 Bar Hydraulic System that is unique to our company. More Information on this system can by found by clicking here.

M & H Finland constructs and supplies Power Packs including all accessories, Hydraulic Control Systems, including PLC (Programming of the PLC so that the system is Efficient and Easy to use is included), Design of Distribution Piping for Installation. M & H Finland is able supply parts designed from special materials as Titanium or special light aluminium. M & H Finland performs its own Commissioning & Consultation of Complete Systems.

As M & H Finland is an official sales partner of the Bosch Rexroth group we are apply to supply any hydraulic parts from the Rexroth Catalogue. If you are interested in Rexroth parts please don't hesitate to contact us.

Examples of Product Supply:

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